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Stargate SG-1 started in 1997, which is right about the same time I was a middle school student first discovering fanfiction in the Star Trek: Voyager fandom. Fast-forward to today, and I am a college student who has pounded out more than 100 stories for the Stargate fandom, which I joined belatedly in 2003.

While you're here, check out my artwork, including music videos, icons, and wallpaper. Since I'm a budding web developer, I've also begun experimenting with fun little programs, and have written a 'Gate Address Generator. Try it out... it's a pretty useful writers' tool!

Finally, if you want to drop me a line or two (beyond leaving a nice review on one of my stories, of course!), you can contact me via email, or visit me at my LiveJournal.

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May 21, 2012
I have not abandoned thee! Yeah, school has been nuts. Yeah, my writing mojo has been largely absent. Yeah, I've hardly touched any fan art projects. But school is out for the summer, and I have a new wallpaper and a new story, and more on the way!
May 25, 2011
In all the excitement of RUNNING last year's first annual GateFic Awards, I quite forgot to post the awards my own works won!

Consider that remedied... and there are fewer than three days remaining to nominate works for the 2011 GateFic Awards!

As for updates, well, there's a new wallpaper in both standard and widescreen editions, a summer-y manip, some new icons, and a few new fics. Nothing major so far this year--there's been far too much school and freelance web design work to do!
August 12, 2010
I promised some changes around here, didn't I?

Any old links you have to art pieces and/or vids will still work, but I encourage you to update them! All story links since I converted to the eFiction archive remain unchanged.
April 27, 2010
The end of the semester is almost upon me, and while my writing mojo has been largely absent, there are a few new stories and avatars posted, and I will hopefully get a chance soon to update my wallpapers and manips sections. Intrigued? Then stick around for my post-graduation Stargate party... :D
October 4, 2009
Been a while, hasn't it? Rest assured, though, just because I haven't been posting updates to the front page doesn't mean I haven't been updating the site as a whole. There are two new wallpapers, a few new icons, and a number of new stories, including:
  • Tools of Trade
  • A is for Apple - Janet Alphabet Soup
  • Almost... - Jack/Daniel UST, Jack/Sara and Daniel/Vala
  • Eyes in the Dark - Little Danny one-shot
  • Improviso Jackson - Danny's Entourage #9
  • Birthday Jackson - Danny's Entourage #10
  • Seeker Jackson - Danny's Entourage #11
  • Barber Jackson - Danny's Entourage #12
  • Observations of an Archaeologist
  • Keeping Watch
  • Taking One for the Team
  • Chef's Surprise
The Stargate Fan Awards FINALLY wrapped up, and Jealous won in its category. Whoever you voters are, you rock.

I'm working on a few coding things whenever I get a few free moments, and I hope to have a new-and-improved (and working-outside-of-IE) Address Generator up and running before the end of the year. Cross your fingers...
April 25, 2009
Updates, updates, and more updates... The first order of business is the announcement of a new zine:

Little Stargate - Requiem Publications
Orders are now being taken by the publisher, Requiem Publications.

Winners for the 2009 Blue Moon Awards have been announced, and I'm tickled pink that two of my nominations have won their categories!
Blue Moon Awards   Blue Moon Awards
Finally, there have been a few new stories added! Six new additions to the "Danny's Entourage" series:
  • Feng Shui Jackson
  • Admiral Jackson
  • Medium Jackson
  • Dolittle Jackson
  • Binkley Jackson
  • Picasso Jackson
and four entries written for the "Five Things" community at LJ:
  • Five Things Cassie Only Likes (or Definitely Prefers) to Do with Sam
  • Five Things to Which Daniel is Allergic - Jack/Daniel
  • Five Secrets About Cam That Only Vala Knows
  • Five Reasons Jack Stopped Wearing Fingerless Gloves
The Stargate Fan Awards will be a while yet...
March 16, 2009
So... I was in the process of testing this lovely site makeover when my old hosting provider decided to make things difficult for me. Again. Yes, the same hosting provider which gave us all many fits over the slow response and frequent crashes of the LittleVerse. I've now moved this site to the same company as currently hosts the LittleVerse, so let's hope that settles it!

As a result of a move-y and a makeover (*grin*), some links may have changed, but all links to my stories are the same (unless you still have links to my stories from before I started using the eFiction archive). On with the good stuff! New since July 2008:
  • H is for Hair - Entry for Teal'c Alphabet Soup
  • Q is for Quiet (or, The Calm Before the Storm) - Entry for Hammond Alphabet Soup
  • The Kids Menu - Second story in the Little Jack "Battle of Whits" series
  • Five Year Olds and Footholds - Little Stargate challenge to rewrite an episode with a down-sized team member
  • Saying Goodbye - Missing scene for Continuum
  • Honor Among Thieves: Points of View #5 - Gran - Missing scene for "Honor Amongst Thieves" (Daniel/Vala)
  • The Perils of Homework: Honest! - Drabble challenge response for Teen Stargate group
  • The Balloon Disaster - A Little Danny tragedy based on a true, traumatic event in my own childhood
  • Bedtime Snack - My contribution to the DaJaVa wedding round robin (Jack/Daniel/Vala)
  • Y is for What? - Entry for Jack Alphabet Soup
  • Cold Comfort - Little Black Dress ficathon entry (Daniel/Cam)
  • A Match Made in Margaritaville - 2008 Holiday Fruitcake Exchange entry (Daniel/Vala)
  • SteamGate - Stargate meets Steampunk and sorcery! (Daniel/Vala) INCOMPLETE
  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - DFR challenge response in which Sam's hairstyle becomes a critical plot-point
  • Linus Jackson - Danny has Jack wrapped around his tiny fingers
  • Hamburglar Jackson - Danny has Sam eating out of the palm of his tiny hand
There's also a new D/V vid, "The Sweet Escape", so, yeah... you may have some catching up to do!

You didn't think I was finished, did you? Nope, not yet. It's awards season in the SG community again, which means some of you lovely folks out there have decided a few of my offerings were worth sharing with other people. The 2009 Blue Moon Awards open for voting on April 1st, and two of my stories and one of my vids have been nominated!
  • Jealous (Daniel/Vala & Vala/Tomin 'ship vid)
  • Slow Burn (Jack/Daniel friendship 'fic)
  • Water Over Stone (Daniel/Vala 'ship 'fic)
The 2008 Stargate Fan Awards should also open for voting about then, so I'll hold off on announcing my noms for that until then.
July 6, 2008
Okey-doke, everything should be back online AND properly backed-up, too. Just in case. Because of this hosting provider's proven instability, I have moved the LittleVerse to its own site, with a separate (and much better) webhost. It and its sister-site, the SGA LittleVerse, can now be found at Littleverse.com!

Finally, please note the addition of a few new 'fics: "Reap What You Sow", a Little Jack 'fic; "The SJ Fic", the results of an evil little plot bunny handed to me (on a silver platter, even!) by beta and pal Nyx Ro; and "An Honor to Serve", a tribute 'fic for General Hammond and the wonderful actor who played him, Don S. Davis. Mr. Davis died of a heart attack on June 29, 2008.
May 29, 2008
*headdesk* This'll teach me to keep proper back-ups of ALL databases, not just the one for the LittleVerse. A recent malfunction with the data server which supports all kinds of stuff on this site (and any "sub" sites such as the SG-1 LittleVerse) has resulted in a corruption of the database. I kept regular back-ups for the LV... I didn't for here...

Until such time as I get a chance to correct it, links to several of my "new" stories may be MIA.
May 16, 2008
Okay, so I have no patience. I've gone ahead and posted the remaining chapters of "A Stitch in Time", which means—after a mere 11 months in-progress—my very first crossover 'fic is now complete!

Also had some fun with some stills from Continuum, producing one silly avatar and a very cool (if I say so myself) wallpaper. I liked the way the wall turned out so well, I produced it in widescreen (for my laptop) AND standard screen (for my desktop), plus as an avatar! No spoilers in the first avatar, but beware of 'em in the wallpaper/second avatar!

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